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Sep 4, 2011 5:00am EDT
thunderstorms back into indiana as well. this is all out ahead of the cold front continuing to push our way. out ahead, that is turning warm and humid. our storm chapses will hold off -- chances will hold off until tonight. however, we are expecting storm chances to increase. let's break down the left of our labor day weekend. the rest of the afternoon, up to 88 this afternoon, and monday could be a wash out. 70% chance of storms into the afternoon. highs back to the low 80's. we'll talk about more stormy and cool weather the rest of the week. that will be coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> president obama gets a first-hand look today from the damage of hurricane irene. the president is set to visit new jersey. meanwhile, torrential rains are threatening coast communities this morning. francis koch has more. >> visitors to the french quarter new orleans didn't seem to mind. >> we expected rain, but it hasn't been too bad. >> as tropical storm lee got closer to new orleans. officials were not too quick to dismiss the storm's potential. please do not be lulled into sleep. testing
Sep 4, 2011 9:00am EDT
thunderstorms. storms are popping up across indiana through ohio many of those have been heavy, could even be severe later into the day. eventually this will be mainly pushing into our region but even ahead of that we could see storms beginning this afternoon and into the night. after that we'll have to worry about lee. our latest tropical storm which pushed into louisiana overnight and it continues to drop extremely heavy rain for portions of southern louisiana including baton rouge into new orleans moving slowly. and the slower it moves the more rain can fall over one area. so that's going to be a big problem for them. flooding will be a major concern for lee and it looks like the flooding trends will continue even as lee heads to the north and east because more moisture will stream east of the appalachians and by the end of the week we could see that. we also have another tropical storm we're keeping an eye on which as you know last week was a hurricane. not out of the question by the next update. could be a hurricane once again. category one. because it's only about four miles an hour
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2